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Don’t think I don’t understand loyalty just because I’ve got no one left to be loyal to.

the one that survived despite the capitol’s plans

Liverpool F.C. 2014/15 Premier League Season

Switched up the team, let the magic begin
Told all you haters, I’m in it to win

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Feel so sad when I see someone attack the concept of feminism. The whole idea behind it is so both sexes aren’t oppressed and we have equal rights. That means both men and women shouldn’t have to live up to any expectations society has of them, on the basis of their gender.

I know when you were little girls
You dreamt of being in my world
Don’t forget it
We are flawless

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Why be in a relationship

When you can imagine your OTP being in a relationship

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    Screw stardust; be iron instead.
Be the element that creates stardust.
Be the element that causes the largest stars to explode.
Be the element that is strong enough to collapse an entire universe.
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OBERYN MARTELL MEME; nine quotes [4/9]

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It’s nearly time 

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make me choose: Tris or Four
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Wanna hear your beating heart tonight
Before the bleeding sun comes alive
I want to make the best of what is left, hold tight
And hear my beating heart  o n e   l a s t   t i m e